From treatment of municipal wastewater to that of industries such as food and paper, or plastic and meat, SEFT offers wastewater treatment and purification solutions for a wide range of fields.

Complex processes such as industrial and municipal wastewater treatment need the most sophisticated and cutting edge technologies. For this reason we at SEFT build innovative machines for water purification plants (or screw screens) and modern machines for the plastic, tannery, and the meat and paper industries thereby facilitating wastewater treatment and making water and solids purification more efficient.

 Seft was founded in the 1980’s, enlarged in the 2000’s and converted to the wastewater purification sector thanks to the arrival of new partners.  Its strong growth in the last years has lead it to the now customizing sold machines and consolidating the standard products. Today SEFT is a company that is aware of its continuous and healthy growth.

Factors such as complete in-house designing, a strong network of professional collaborators in Italy and abroad, flexibility in satisfying every type of client, and installation and post-sale service has contributed in making our company one of prestige in Italy and in the rest of the world.