Campi applicazione

Civil discharging, industrial discharging, food processing, zootechnical, farming, slaughterhouse, paper factory, tannery

The solid material, with high content of water, enter into the hopper and settle on the tank.

The first part of the water comes out of from holes of the lower part of the trough, then the material begin to go up towards the upper side of the compactor.
The mixing blades have a big thickness and with a slow rotation movement, carry the material towards the upper side of the trough.

During the transport, the material begins to drip and, on the final part of the trough, a little door, with a variable pressure, compresses the material before it go out.

The material, pressed and without water (about 40% of reduction) goes on in a special containers.

The water on the lower part and in the upper side of the trough is collected in a tank and, if necessary, sent for the treatment.

In case of the solids settled on the floor agglomerate until to block the pipe of extraction, the grit classifier has a “unjamming” pipe.

It goes on the bottom of the tank, near the end of the tube of extraction.In case of obstruction of the tube of extraction, a jet of water through the “unjamming” pipe re-establish the circulation of solids.

  • High flow rate
  • Full capacity separation water-sand